Services : Workforce Partners 

Recruitment for jobs in Australia

Workforce Partners’ success in finding the right people for jobs in metropolitan and regional Australia comes from our team’s first-hand experience in recruitment, the hospitality industry, farming, transport, manufacturing, retail, marketing and law. Our diverse backgrounds enables us to determine the needs of employers accurately and to recruit the best person for the position. 

We recruit in Australia as well as overseas to match positions with the most suitable employee.

Our services do not only include recruitment services, we also provide employers with the required documentation and services when hiring new employees including:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Employment Agreements
  • Offer Letters
  • Employment Nominations and Visa Applications for overseas recruits


Skills Based Jobs Placements

Workforce Partners adheres to world’s best practice in assessing and documenting the qualifications, skills and work experience of all applicants.

Professional Occupations:

We ensure that prior to introducing an overseas professional qualified applicant to an employer we have ensured that the applicant's qualifications will be comparable and recognised in Australia and if required, the applicant will be able to obtain the necessary license or registration to work in Australia.  

We assist applicants with their skills assessments and in applying for the required license in Australia.

Overseas qualified applicants also have to pass an English language test to ensure their employability in Australia.

Trade Skills:

Overseas trade qualified applicants are put through an Australian trade skills assessment which include a practical test or a practical test interview.  The tests are conducted in English.

In the case of a licensed trade occupation such as an electrician, airconditioning mechanic or plumber, the applicant will as a result of this trade test be eligible for a provisional license to work in Australia.  On completion of the Australian component of the trade test (which includes Australian regulations pertinent to the specific occupation) the employee will be issued with a full Australian license. 

Once again, most overseas qualified applicants have to pass an English language test to ensure their employability in Australia. 

Farming Skills:

We recruit farmers, senior farm hands and farm managers from countries with similar climatic conditions as Australia and where similar farming techniques are practised ensuring compatibility with Australian farming practice.

Our recruits will have either a formal relevant qualification with work experience or at least 5 years' relevant farming experience.  Recruits often come with additional skills such as mechanical skills, knowledge of automated irrigation systsms or animal husbandry skills.

Employees will further have at least functional English language skills.

Psychometric Assessments for Jobs

Workforce Partners uses straightforward questionnaires to assess and compare the work attitudes of employers and candidates to ensure high compatibility and optimal productivity as well as job satisfaction.  The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete online and enables us to match employers and employees.