FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long has Workforce Partners been in business?
A. We commenced formally in March 2007, although we have been involved in informal farm job and rural job placements since 2005.

Q. Does Workforce Partners only provide job placements for permanent positions?
A. Yes. We do not recruit and place working holiday makers or seasonal workers.

Q. What are the biggest benefits of working in Australia?
A. Working in a country that promotes a secure, safe and clean work and family environment, with many and varied farm job and rural job career opportunities presented to those applicants with a can-do, team-focused work philosophy.

Q. What are the biggest challenges in adapting to work in Australia?
A. Australian work procedures and farming methods differ from State to State and depends on the climate and resources available in that Region. Generally overseas employees will share many cultural similarities with Australians and find that Australia has a rich and diverse culture with work practices and mechanisation comparable to the best in the world.

Q. How do salary rates in Australia compare with salaries for the same jobs in other countries?
A. Australia has a strong, stable economy with low interest rates and a low unemployment rate. Insurance costs and private health cover are much lower in Australia compared to countries such as South Africa. Permanent Residents enjoy Medicare benefits which are the envy of most modern countries. Most Regional positions are salary packaged and include free or low cost accommodation and other benefits not usually included in remunerations offered in metropolitan areas.

Q. Do I need a sponsorship from an Employer to work in Australia?
A. Overseas based applicants will require a work offer from an employer to work in Australia. As a result of the skills shortages in Regional Australia, employers in rural areas are willing to offer nominations and sponsorships to overseas employees who are willing to sign a contract for a minimum of two years.

Q. What sorts of checks does the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection do on Australian employers and Overseas based job seekers? 


  • English language test if you do not hold a passport for the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand.
  • Skills assessment if you have a licensed occupation eg Engineer, Electrician, Nurse.
  • Employment references, especially if you rely on work experience rather than a formal qualification.
  • Medical assessment.
  • Penal Clearance certificate.

Q. How long does it on average take to fill a position or find employment in Australia?
A. A position is usually filled within 1 - 2 months from the first date of advertisment and job seekers usually find employment within 3 - 6 months from entering the market.  Overseas applicants can expect their visa to be granted to work in Australia within 3 months from date of application.  It is sometimes possible to bring the applicant out on a temporary work visa to start work as soon as 4 weeks after the date of application.