Employers : Services and Documentation

We know that the recruitment of skilled employees is a time consuming and sometimes daunting task for busy entrepreneurs, business owners and farmers who don't have the luxury of an in-house Human Resource expert.  This is where Workforce Partners becomes a valuable business associate to assist small and medium enterprises to recruit the staff they need to continue working at optimum levels.

Our services to employers include the following:

  • Assistance to draft  the position description and determine the level of the position
  • Advertising and marketing campaign development
  • Advertising on numerous sites
  • Advertising through our newsletter
  • Receiving and sorting applications from prospective candidates
  • Carrying out job interviews with shortlisted candidates
  • Screening of candidate employer references and qualifications
  • Preparing a report on the suitability of applicants           
  • Arranging interviews for the employer with chosen candidates
  • Drafting a suitable employment agreement
  • Our guarantee to employers include replacing an applicant within 3 months of employment if the person is found to be unfit to fill the position.


Employers are encouraged to ring us to discuss their business and the positions they wish to fill. Once we have determined the employer's needs and the job specifications we will set the wheels in motion to advertise the position in a cost effective manner. 

We assist employers to draft job descriptions, list specific duties and skills required for a position and determine the skills level for each position.

We advertise on recruitment websites in Australia and overseas, in local and overseas newspapers and publications and through our network of trusted Associates. 

We may even be able to arrange an interview with a suitable candidate immediately as we have an extensive database of "employment ready" applicants which provides employers with a wide choice of Australian based and overseas based professional and skilled employees.

We screen and interview applicants and provide employers with a summary of all applicants and recommendations regarding the interviewing process. 

We will draft a suitable employment agreement that complies with the applicable Australian employment laws and/or relevant Award.

In the event of the employee being an overseas applicant, a working holiday maker or a temporary resident of Australia, we are able to assist employers with the nomination and visa processes associated with the employment of an overseas applicant through our in-house registered Australian Migration Agent.